Archaic Daily Released

3 October 2021

Level up your vocabulary with some `new` archaic words.

William Shakespeare

Archaic Daily is a neat little app to help you expand your archaic vocabulary.

It's only 2.7MB, you can download it below: (requires Android 5.0+)

Get it on Google Play


  • 📚 Word of the Day - Learn a new word everyday
  • 🔥 Crash Courses - Take daily crash courses to learn a handful of words
  • 🕮 Examples - Real-world examples of how to use each word
  • 🛎️ Notifications - Daily word of the day reminders
  • 🔊 Text-to-speech - Tap any word or phrase and it will be read to you
  • 🔊 Pronouncation - Get help on how to pronounce each word
  • ❤️ Customisation - Save your eyesight with dark themes

I intend on continuing to improve and expand Archaic Daily with bug fixes, polish and new features.


If you have any feedback or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact me at: